When a Revolution Goes Wrong.

I have to confess; I’ve never attended this church, I’ve just heard the stories, so I shouldn’t really judge.  But I will say this- I thank God that this is not what RevolutionNYC is.  We have a reputation of being “hip and edgy” and I think a lot of people think it’s just another ploy to get people in the door (in our case it’s a door to a bar).  But underneath it all, we are fighting unpopular fights and swinging for the underdog.  We aren’t doing sermons on whether  or not it’s okay to jerk off and whether or not a woman has to submit to her husband.  We are not the TRL of Christianity and we strongly disagree that Christ was “macho”.  Mark Driscoll can fret about a “hippie, queer Christ” all he wants…  but this is not a theology that I subscribe to.  Just had to get that off my chest and draw that line in the sand…  read the article about Driscoll and Mars Hill Church here and decide for yourself.picture-1

One Response to When a Revolution Goes Wrong.

  1. oh man. Mars hill church. I remember back in the the day, by pal decided to uproot his family and all move up there to be members of the congregation, after listing to the sermon podcast for a while. A few months later, he was back in Oklahoma, and refused to talk about his experience there at all. His wife, just sorta looked mad when i brought it up. never found out what went down, but it seems off.

    i myself, have listened to a lot of their sermons, and am quite ok not attending.

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