It seems that President Elect Obama has taken a step to make amends, or at least try to appease the gay community who were outraged at the choice of notoriously anti-gay pastor Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation.

It seems that New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, a vocal gay rights leader, will open President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration with a prayer on Sunday’s kick-off event at the Lincoln Memorial.

This is a good thing.  Bishop Robinson is best-known for being the first openly gay, non-celibate priest to be ordained a bishop in a major Christian denomination believing in the historic episcopate.

“God never gets it wrong. The church often takes a long time to get it right. It is a human institution, but one capable of self-correction,” Robinson told the Seattle Post_Intelligencer. “I believe in my heart that the church got it wrong about homosexuality. There is great excitement in my heart to be living in a time when the church is starting to get it right.”

Bishop Robinson is not without controversy of his own though.  His election as Bishop by the New Hampshire diocese in June of 2003 almost caused a schism between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.  He was also accused to inappropriately touching a parishioner at a conference in August of 2004.  Later the accuser admitted it was noting more than shoulder squeezes which he basically read into.

The controversy s seems to have mellowed out and now he is tapped to lead Obama’s prayer.

So lets see what happens.


One Response to GOOD NEWS.

  1. sarah says:

    this makes me so happy! I don’t even know how to describe it.

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