School can expel lesbian students.

This is just sad…  the Los Angeles Times is reporting that a Lutheran school in California has the right to expel students based on their sexual orientation.  I’m not going to go into the legal aspects of the case; I’m just going to say this is a poor decision made by an organization that is supposed to be a champion of Grace and unconditional love.  Christ did not call on us to make distinctions and divisions in society based on the type of “sin” we happen to be engaged in.  Rather, Christ called us to love one another unconditionally, our neighbor as ourselves.


2 Responses to School can expel lesbian students.

  1. M. Patterson says:

    It’s freedom of religion. You haven’t killed it yet. Some people actually read the whole Bible, not just the parts that suit them, and then they actually have the guts to make a practice of it. Freedom of religion won’t last forever. You side is taking little bits of our freedoms away, slowly but surely, until one day we will be imprisoned for our faith in the name of tolerance. Yes, you are very tolerant. You tolerate everyone who doesn’t disagree with you.

    • Paolo says:

      Maybe you have never had a chance to listen to one of Jay or Vince Anderson’s sermons. Week after week, month after month, they constantly hammer home the idea that we need to agree to disagree and stop the in-fighting- that it’s okay to disagree on issues and come together on what we can agree on.
      We are not on a “side” of anything, so please don’t make the mistake of lumping us in with some amorphous group whose ideas you don’t agree with. If we are on any side, it’s the side of Christianity that actually tries to practice what Christ preached.
      And as far as freedom of religion, please read my post again. I specifically said I wasn’t commenting on the law; I was merely observing that expelling students for being homosexual is NOT a good example of unconditional love and Grace.

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