Can we be friends?

Jay and I had lunch today with the Emergent Cohort of New York City. The cohort is a group of pastors, activists, philosophers, teachers, and other blessed misfits, that meet once a month and discuss the joys and struggles of ministry. Jay and I were asked to share with the group a little about the ministry of Revolution.

It was good for Jay and I to take a minute and reflect. In recent months it has become increasingly difficult for us to find a moment where we can sit, eat lunch and talk out the vision. It served as an added bonus to have some listening ears, and questioning tounges for this process. 

Jay talked a little bit about the ministry of grace that he has been called to, and that it is mainly through relationships that this ministry takes place. We both expressed joy that God has made Revolution a place where people can come and rest, if only for a little while. We are excited that relationships are being formed.  

This got me thinking. As a pastor, I do my best to introduce myself to everyone that comes to service. This is not an easy task for me. As a performing musician, and a speaker,  one would think that I would be an extrovert. This is not the case. I am quite the opposite. I love hanging out and talking with people, but in the classic introvert way I get recharged by being alone. That said, I make the rounds on Sunday feeling every bit the small town preacher. Maybe it consists of a little hello, perhaps a “how did you find us?”, and quite often the ever popular “I’m sorry I forgot your name.” Just this little ritual can exhaust me.  I am saying all this not to complain and hope that you will leave me alone, but rather to be as transparent as possible with you all. Relationships are what Revolution, and in my opinion the Kingdom of God is all about. We want to develop real relationships with you, and as you all know, real relationships take time. Lots of time. They also take work. I ask that you help us develop those relationships. And as we minister to you, we ask that you minister to us, as many of you already do. Grab me from my spot at the bar, give me your number, ask me out to lunch, or email me at 

Out of these relationships I hope for many things. One is that we have some company along the journey, share some laughs and tears. Another hope is that as we journey together as friends, we find ways to be friends to the friendless. I want parties of joy, grace and justice to break out everywhere we go.  I want to do all of this in the name of Jesus, friend of mine.

One Response to Can we be friends?

  1. Clint says:

    Agreed Vince, I share many of the same qualities. It’s also important to have friends along side on the journey, as sometimes the path of the vision can get lonely. Iron sharpens Iron!

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