Newsletter for March 30th, 2009.

March 31, 2009

Greetings from Brooklyn!

Although I have been working with Jay and Revolution NYC for close to a year now, we just realized I still haven’t introduced myself to many of you. I am a long-time online listener who relocated to Brooklyn last spring and took over many of Marc Brown’s duties for the church. If you have contacted us through Myspace, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you have probably already met me. But since we have so much going on right now, I’d like to save more about me for later and get right to the good stuff.

We’re well into the swing of things with our “Green Bible” study, meeting every second and fourth Thursday here in Brooklyn. These are open-ended, meaning you can jump in and out as your schedule allows without having to worry about missing days you can’t attend. If you’d like more information on this please visit our staff blog for more details. You can do that by clicking here.

We are very excited to be working with a great group called Books Behind Bars, who deliver reading material to prisoners all across the country. If you attend Revolution here in New York, you can click here for a list of the types of books they need, and if you are an online listener and would like to help out with this great cause you can do that here.

Also for those of you here in New York City, we are very excited to bring you our next installation of our film series with “Shakespeare Behind Bars”. Seeing a trend here? This documentary film chronicles the story of prisoners who take on roles from the works of Shakespeare, which in turn helps them to confront their personal demons. This will be shown on Monday, April 13th at WOW Cafe here in Brooklyn. You can get all the details at our Facebook Fan page.

Finally, we once again ask humbly for your donations to help keep our church going. Much of the work that goes into Revolution comes from unpaid volunteers like myself in an effort to use any money we do have as efficiently as possible. We are on a show-string budget so every little bit helps. If you prefer, you can even sign up for automatic giving in any increment you’d like. Even if it’s only a few dollars a month, it would make a big difference. We get so many heartbreaking letters from people who we have touched, and it’s an unfortunate fact of life that we need funding to continue to do this. So please, if you haven’t yet or have been considering it, go here to donate now.

As always, we want to hear from you and get your feedback and ideas. We really take them to heart because we want to serve you and our community as best as we possibly can. I can’t wait to meet more of you so don’t be shy! You can email me directly at if you ever need to get a hold of me. God Bless and we’ll see you soon!

Paolo Mello
RevolutionNYC Web Coordinator


Church Mice.

March 30, 2009

Welcome to a new week! Happy Monday!
Courtesy of The Rut.

Q and A for 03/29/2009

March 30, 2009

Pastor Jay Bakker of Revolution Church New York City answers your questions.  For Sunday, March 29th, 2009.

We’re Not Anti-Law

March 29, 2009

Sermon by Pastor Jay Bakker at Revolution Church NYC.  From March 29th, 2009.

Study Resources:

Romans 8:23

Romans 7:22-25

Nightline Debate: Does Satan Exist?

Earth Hour – Tonight at 8:30 PM

March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off lights for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday March 28 and sending a powerful global message that we care enough about climate change to take action.

AJ Jacobs on ObsessedTV

March 28, 2009

jacobs-afterx A friend of ours, AJ Jacobs of Esquire Magazine, was recently featured on ObsessedTV.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please click here to check out his interview.  He is incredibly fascinating, and hilarious to boot.

And if you missed him last summer, he spoke here at Revolution Church NYC. Please take a listen to his story and his experiences:

Pastor Houses Paroled Child Killer, But Neighbors Say He Can’t Be Redeemed

March 27, 2009

A pastor in a small New Hampshire town has taken in a man who killed a child, saying it’s the Christian thing to do. Outraged residents say the ex-con doesn’t deserve a second chance. Today Good Morning America reported on the controversy in Chichester, NH, over Rev. David Pinckney letting Raymond Guay, who killed a 12-year-old boy in 1973, stay in his basement. Guay claims he found Jesus 16 years ago, but the victim’s sister says, “You don’t shoot a little boy in the face and find Jesus. People don’t find Jesus that are capable of doing things like that.” The reverend says people change and the Bible teaches that people should be given second chances. His neighbor, Kim Mitchell, responds, “There are more deserving people to give second chances to. The child that he murdered doesn’t get a second chance. His mom doesn’t get a second chance.”

This is a tough call.  Personally, I think that if claimed he has changed then let his actions show it, and they seem to.  We can’t judge a person based on a single instant in their life, no matter how horrible it may have been.  Some actions are awful, but it happened, and all that can be done now is to trust God in his life and have faith that what God says is true.  I really liked the line “if people don’t change, the gospel of Jesus has no merit”.

What are your opinions?

I couldn’t get the clip to embed, so here’s the link.

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