March Newsletter.

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Hey all,

Hope this letter finds you well. We just went through our biggest snowfall of the year here in Brooklyn. It’s been such a cold winter. As a transplanted southerner, I never thought that 46 degrees would seem warm, but as spring slowly arrives, I’ll take it.

Things are going well here in Brooklyn. We continue to preach, teach and live Christ’s message of grace through these tough times. It’s not always easy, but I have found that it’s always worth it.

In recent months, you may have noticed that I have been active on the blessing and the curse known as Twitter. You can find me there at Our assistant pastor, Vince Anderson is also there,, as well as our general church page at It has been great getting to know some of you through this service. We have really realized over the last few months how great the online church is, and we thank you all for the encouraging words and support. We love being your church!

Sometimes though, I get bogged down by people that write negative stuff about our message here. I get discouraged, and my self esteem gets low. Like I said a couple of Sundays ago, sometimes I feel like a smoldering wick. I think at some point we can all relate to that. I believe we are called to lift each other up. At times, we will differ in our opinions. To me this is a good thing. Through it we can come to a better understanding of God’s love for us. It is my hope that this exchange can be delivered with grace and love, as Jesus taught us.

Again, thank you for your continued support of Revolution. Your prayers and financial contributions really do make a difference. To donate now CLICK HERE!

In Grace,

Jay Bakker

One Response to March Newsletter.

  1. Jamie says:

    Its healthy to have doubt and be discouraged, as I’m sure you’ve found. Its whats lead you to this awesome message of God’s unending grace for everyone. And its okay to question that, even if it comes from other people’s disagreement. Doubting leads to searching which either leads to the truth or a strengthening of your convictions. Both of which are great and important things for anyone, especially a spiritual leader. So hang in there, and have faith that God will keep you on track and that one day hopefully these negative people will come to know God the way you and Revolution are teaching us to know God. Plus, even if they don’t get it now, at the very least they’ll get it after they’re dead….

    For every person on the internet who says something hateful and cruel, there is another person whose life has been forever changed by Revolution’s message. For all of us that have been victimized by other churches’ messages of hate and finally found our way here, thanks for sometimes feeling discouraged and questioning your message. From that, you’ve found us some pretty great cures to all the fear the traditional church has fed us.

    In other words, you’re super rad and if I hadn’t found Revolution, I would be a very sad and conflicted girl. So…thanks!

    P.S. Oh! Thanks for recognizing us online folks! I’m trying to make it out to the church this summer (and see a bit of New York), but Wisconsin is some what of a trek from you guys, so we’ll see.

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