Followers of Jesus.

A nice little write-up in Newsweek about different labels that people of the Christian faith like to slap on one another.  This has been a topic of some of Jay’s recent sermons, so it’s kinda fun to see some of these thoughts in print in this major news publication.  Link to the full article right here.

3 Responses to Followers of Jesus.

  1. Andy Owen says:

    On their response section people are renouncing the idea that you could be a Jesus Follower because THAT’S vague. Insanity.

    What I wanted to respond with is, “I’d rather be known as a Jesus Follower simply because then I wouldn’t have to be associated with Christians…like you.”

    Then I realized that wouldn’t be nice. My struggle is offering grace to THEM.

  2. Andy Owen says:

    Thanks Paolo! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has a hard time letting that go.

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