Consider us Punk’d.

Good thing we have a great sense of humor here at Revolution Church NYC.  Turns out Merle Haggard and Ted Haggard probably aren’t related, as reported here by Lark News.  Turns out Lark News is like a Christian version of The Onion.  And it turns out that I’m a kick-ass web admin for having a little fun with this, instead of ignoring it and pretending like we didn’t goof.  What do ya think?


3 Responses to Consider us Punk’d.

  1. knightopia says:

    That’s almost as funny as Lark News. I’ve been reading Lark for five or six years, and some of their latest stuff seems to be funnier than even the earlier stuff. Maybe because they poke fun at emergent and missional stuff.

  2. Andy Owen says:

    Wow…I should probably mention that I re-tweeted it as fact, and probably won’t tell people. Ahh, maybe I will…but that IS funny!

  3. watcat says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

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