Pastor Houses Paroled Child Killer, But Neighbors Say He Can’t Be Redeemed

A pastor in a small New Hampshire town has taken in a man who killed a child, saying it’s the Christian thing to do. Outraged residents say the ex-con doesn’t deserve a second chance. Today Good Morning America reported on the controversy in Chichester, NH, over Rev. David Pinckney letting Raymond Guay, who killed a 12-year-old boy in 1973, stay in his basement. Guay claims he found Jesus 16 years ago, but the victim’s sister says, “You don’t shoot a little boy in the face and find Jesus. People don’t find Jesus that are capable of doing things like that.” The reverend says people change and the Bible teaches that people should be given second chances. His neighbor, Kim Mitchell, responds, “There are more deserving people to give second chances to. The child that he murdered doesn’t get a second chance. His mom doesn’t get a second chance.”

This is a tough call.  Personally, I think that if claimed he has changed then let his actions show it, and they seem to.  We can’t judge a person based on a single instant in their life, no matter how horrible it may have been.  Some actions are awful, but it happened, and all that can be done now is to trust God in his life and have faith that what God says is true.  I really liked the line “if people don’t change, the gospel of Jesus has no merit”.

What are your opinions?

I couldn’t get the clip to embed, so here’s the link.

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4 Responses to Pastor Houses Paroled Child Killer, But Neighbors Say He Can’t Be Redeemed

  1. Sarah says:

    I totally think this is amazing of him and shows his love and respect for the man.
    I can Jesus doing this himself, and neighbours being outraged and he just shrugs and loves the guy.

    It’s very awesome that a pastor would do this, just shows his trust in God and and in the words of the early church.

  2. Cloak says:

    People capable of doing things like that are MORE likely to find Jesus, not less.

    Of course, I suppose we are all capable of doing things like that, no matter what we would like to believe. If we weren’t, none of us would need to find Jesus.

  3. queermergent says:

    i think this is an amazing story and so glad to see a pastor leading by a GREAT example. Who are these people to decide the fate of this man and box him in? G-D is amazing and can redeem anything and anyone. i agree we should judge the fruit of the man. It’s not like he killed many people. Killing one person is wrong and he has paid a price for it by going to prison and living with it everyday of his life.

    Thanks so much for sharing this story!

  4. Collin says:

    What a shining example of God’s grace.

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