Fight the Lies

Disclaimer: the following are my personal views and no not necessary represent the vies of all members or staff of Revolution NYC.  If you have an issue with what I’m saying, please take it up with me.




moving on…..

The “National Organization for Marriage” is responding to the amazing marriage equality victories in Iowa and Vermont with this national TV ad filled with fear about a same-sex marriage “storm” gathering across the country. This disturbing ad uses actors to push lies claiming that marriage equalty threatens personal freedoms.

“but some who advocate for same sex marriage,  have not been content with same sex couples living as they wish, those advocates  want to change the way i live”

no, we just want everyone to have the same rights and privileges.  Its such a ludicrous argument.  First of all, I’m not totally sure how I want to change how other people live , expect for asking that they accept equality for all people. excuse me if I’m such an asshole for thinking God made us all equal.   I mean put it into another context, could/ would people really be ok with this statement:

“but some who advocate for blacks to be able marriage,  have not been content with black couples living as they wish, those advocates  want to change the way i live”

This makes me sick.  Like, it really, really bothers me that people can speak such horrid lies and promote such hate and fear, and call it “of God”.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Is this add bullshit?  have merit?

24 Responses to Fight the Lies

  1. Michelle says:

    This ad is beyond offensive — the very worst of fearmongering. It’s very demoralizing to see them play the “diversity” card. The whole thing is very “Focus On the Family” type of styling — the people who put it together (I suspect) are very smart and deeply cynical. It’s a great way to manipulate people into acting out of fear. There’s a great book by Mel White about the Christian right and the tactics they use — he should know, he ghostwrote for the biggest names around until he came out.

  2. Breedlove says:

    This ad is frustrating and frightening. It feels, well, evil.

  3. Ben says:

    Yeah, Mel is an interesting cat. Soul Force is doing some neat stuff. This add campaign just really, really offends me.

  4. Jonah Porter says:

    I love how they call it a “Rainbow” coalition. ROFL. Trying to reclaim the rainbow as a symbol!

  5. Roshidoshi says:

    Totally in agreement with you. One small quibble…Vermont passed the change legislatively and Iowa got it via their State Supreme Court. So should really read “DANG, vermont CAN PASS SAME SEX MARRIAGE LAWS BUT CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK CAN’T”.

  6. JamieLynnes says:

    Funny how they never say how gay marriage would take away their freedom. And how the pastor says hes punished for not supporting gay marriage. Are they trying to say that if gay marriage is legal they will be forced to perform gay marriages or get gay married….I’m confused by their logic…..we don’t force gay people to get straight married….

  7. Khad Young says:

    I totally see the holes in the logic of the National Organiation of Marriage, but one aspect I don’t see addressed too often is the impact redefining marriage might have on children in future generations. I wrote a little bit about it on my site. Food for thought:

  8. jeff says:

    What they are saying is not new. We all should know how fear has been used over the centuries to alienate, discriminate and even kill. Just look at the last 8 years in our country how fear was used to alienate the US from the rest of the world. We all need to speak up and out and call it for what it is a lie.

  9. Jim Cothern says:

    It’ so sad watching the complete desperation of these out of touch people! Why is the evangelical far right (So far right they’re are actually looking backwards) insist on clinging to an archaic belief that is long past it’s expiration date? What I think I find most interesting is how they say gay marriage well “destroy the fabric and sanctity of marriage.”

    Really? Gay marriage will do that? Not the 50% divorce rate? (Which is the same in the church by the way) So let me get this straight… As a young boy sits crying because his father has walked out on him and his mother or a young girl cries for her mother because her mom has decided marriage is to hard, those children and going to cry out, “Damn those gay people, they have ruined the fabric and sanctity of marriage!” One word, Ridicules!

    Also how can you call something “sanctified” that has a 50% failure rate? Would you sail on a boat that had a 50% failure rate? How bout board an airplane?

    I’ve got an idea! Let’s fix the mechanics of marriage and not worry about who’s boarding the plane!

  10. Jim Cothern says:

    Let me clarify when I was quoting they say gay marriage will “destroy the fabric & sanctity of marriage.” I wasn’t quoting the add I was quoting what I’ve heard a million times in interviews, magazines & pulpits. Just wanted to clarify sorry if any confusion!
    PS Love you guys keep up the amazing work!

  11. Wanderer says:

    I watched the ad, and I am not sure how one could refer to this as “the worst kind of fearmongering” or “evil”. Those are pretty strong words to use- dare I say incredibly similar rhetoric to that which you criticize. I do agree that it is a bit weak, but how much can one fit into an ad that only has a few seconds to get a message across. The fact is, there are real arguments to both sides of this issue and concerns that span beyond the issue of legally calling unions between loving homosexual couples marriage. As proponents of gay marriage have some valid points, groups like focus on the family and the nasty religious right that you all so vehemently oppose may have a few points as well. And there is a concerning trend in legislation that rides along on the coat tails of gay marriage legislation. Some do equate that our desire as a nation to move outside of clear and defined moral lines will and is also affecting our nations stance on personal freedoms if they happen to involve an unfavorable moral opinion (like Dr’s who are pro- life refusing to perform abortions being forced to, or parent’s who do not want their children to be taught that gay marriage is the same as heterosexual marriage- but are forced to do so through the public education system and certain agendas). So let’s not get so carried away in one direction, all the while convincing ourselves that we are wholly correct while the other side is wholly evil. It’s just not intelligent thinking.

  12. Andy O says:

    This ad should run on Fox News. Then they’ll just be preaching to the choir anyway. These guys get positively horny at the thought of picketing/fighting anything, whether they believe it, or more accurately, if the ‘leaders’ that they follow (like bleating sheep) believe it.

  13. Ben says:


    i agree with your statement, that we can’t get to myopic about this issue and play the “we are totally right and you are totally wrong card”, but as Jim said, lets fix the mechanics before we worry about how is boarding the plane. just like people were upset about anti-segregation laws and having to teach that black were whole people and not just 3/5, they will get over it. The bible does not back up this silly opinion that gays are wrong an hopefully the truth will continue to come out. Homosexual Americans are just as American as straight ones and deserve to have the same rights and choices. And i believe that God backs up the idea of equality for all his children.

  14. Jim Cothern says:

    I’ve watched this add 20 times and still don’t hear one good reason for their cause. First pastors will never be “forced” to do anything they don’t want too. That is absurd! 2nd the lady saying her poor children will be exposed at public school to alternative views is once again absurd. Don’t they also teach evolution and other things that evangelicals don’t believe in? They did when I grew up but my PARENTS taught me values. Not the school system. Then towards the end they keep repeating how it will change their lives. The black storm clouds, the horrified faces. Hey everyone watch it once with the volume off and you’ll think it’s a psa for a new pandemic disease! Protect yourselves!!!

  15. Oleander says:

    This ad is bullshit propaganda. Like Jonah mentioned-they use phrases like “rainbow coalition” to describe themselves-WTF? This makes me think of how Satan imitates God to trick people into worshiping him (especially thinking of Revelation). I was also thinking of the term “wolves in sheep’s clothing” which I was realizing describes a lot of so-called Christians. I don’t even like to tell people I’m a ‘Christian’ cause I don’t want them to think I’m hateful or going to try to “save” them. I have a “fish symbol” on the back of my Jeep and my friend gave me an ‘equality sticker’ to put on there too cause she was concerned that people would assume I hate them. I live in Atlanta and I’m shocked by the intolerance that still exists in the middle of the 2nd largest gay community in America.(isn’t it?-I can’t quote a source).
    Traditional marriage is not anything I’m trying to be a part of. I have a heterosexual domestic partner and the only reason we are even considering “Marriage” is because of the rights that you ONLY have if you’re married. I wish the gay community could create a new form of life-time commitment cause they wanted something better for themselves than the mockery we’ve made of marriage.They could give it a new name something like “Merged” or “Joined”, whatever. If they respect the union and each other then they could create something that we can have some faith in again. If it wasn’t called “Marriage” maybe the government wouldn’t oppose it and allow equal rights.Then I as a straight person would be picketing to let me be “joined” too.Hey,I can dream….

  16. Ben says:

    i wanna get joined too.

  17. joel says:

    This ad is horrible. In no way does a same sex couple getting married force me (a straight person) to do anything. It doesn’t change the way I live, nor does it require me to go out of my way to do anything more than I already do. I think a person (no matter who they are) should be able to commit to another person (same sex or not) in a loving relationship. Just because someone is gay does not mean they are sleeping around and just because someone is straight doesn’t mean they are staying with just one person. You can be gay or straight and keep marriage vows or break them. I congratulate the states that have given equal rights to same sex couples. I believe it’s the way it should be… people being able to love other people without being told no.

  18. J. R. Miller says:

    um… don’t you think it is a contradictoin of terms to post a “personal” opinion on the “official” staff blog… it seems more like an act of cowardice to post something on your church blog and then say, “don’t blame our staff.” Either this is your official blog or it isnt’t. Which is it?

    • Paolo says:

      Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts. Voicing one’s opinion, especially on such a hot-button issue, is no act of cowardice. Revolution Church of New York City is proud to be a place where people can come together on what they agree on, and not be divided on what we disagree on. Pastor Jay and Reverend Vince have gone to great lengths in their sermons to reinforce this idea, stressing the importance of not letting differences in theology or personal beliefs get in the way of us coming together to accomplish what we can agree on. Our blog was created to celebrate the diversity of thought and opinion among the staff here at Revolution; we believe this is one of the things that makes our church special. Ben was kind enough to try and point that out at the onset of his blog post; it should go without saying, but it doesn’t hurt to remind our readers from time to time to avoid confusion.

  19. Ben says:

    what Paolo said…..

  20. jay bakker says:

    No need for name calling J.R. and I agree with Ben on this one, but we dont all ways see eye to eye on things.(See Paolo Says) We’re called to love each other even when we disagree. Is it that you just don’t agree with Ben and like the add? if so why not just say that? Lets try to show respect to each other. GRACE

  21. J. R. Miller says:


    Thank you for your reply via email and explaining why you posted a disclaimer on the “official” blog.

    My use of the term “cowardice” to describe your disclaimer, while not name calling, was nonetheless very hastily written and unnecessarily offensive.

    I apologize and ask your forgiveness for posting that part of my question on your church blog. It is very inappropriate and unnecessary on my part.

    Again, I apologize for using the term cowardice in my question and would ask you to forgive my rude comment brother.


  22. Found this response/parody for this ad(thanks to my friend Scott for posting this)

  23. Breedlove says:

    To clarify, I said it “felt” evil. That’s my opinion.

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