Glad to be godless.

Illustration by KAL.

Illustration by KAL.

Great piece on atheism in Lexington, one of the Economist magazine’s weekly editorial columns.  Please take a look- and see what it suggests towards the end about the how Christians can sometimes make non-Christians feel.  Would love to hear your thoughts right here after you read!

2 Responses to Glad to be godless.

  1. Barbara says:

    Good article, good food for thought. Who would Jesus exclude? No one. Not athiests, gays, homeless, unemployed, drug addicts, criminals, or Republicans. (Joke!)

    Living in the world as Jesus did, as God wants us to, means constantly reawakening, re-examining, reminding ourselves of God’s unconditional and unlimited love. Articles like this bring to our attention those who are excluded. Thanks for posting the link!

  2. Debbey says:

    Interesting article, the main point of interest for me is how isolated some atheists feel. I know many atheists who are never labeled as such while the few Christians I know are known as ‘Christians’. Atheism or at least being agnostic has always been the norm in my community. It does open my eyes to how atheism is considered odd in the bigger picture.

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