We need your help!

Hello all,

I am writing you this letter with a heavy heart. As you know, RevolutionNYC has been struggling financially for the last year. I know these are difficult times and we appreciate all those that have helped keep us afloat.

As of late, our situation has reached a critical level. I want to be honest with you about where we are.

1. We did not make payroll this pay period.

2. We are sending this email using our old server which runs out this month. We do not have the money to purchase a mailing list plan for the next newsletter.

3. At the rate we are going, we will not have enough fund to pay our internet server. If this happens we will not be able to continue the weekly podcasts that many of you enjoy.

These financial constraints have severely limited our ministry. It seems that our staff time is dedicated solely to keeping our basic operations going. We continue to minister to people both on line and here in Brooklyn, but we could do so much more if we didn’t have to worry about meeting our monthly bills. Most of our staff is volunteer, and Pastor Vince and I have salaries that are well below an average church salary. All of this, in one of the most expensive cities to live in. We run a bare bones operation. No health insurance. No office space. No expense accounts. Your donations go directly to the ministry of grace. Hanging out with people. Listening. Helping with their struggles. Communicating the message of God’s unconditional love.

I am convinced that in times like these, a ministry like ours is so sorely needed. Please help us continue to exist.

You can donate with a credit card or debit card by clicking here, and you can donate through PayPal by going to our homepage (http://revolutionnyc.com) and using the link on the left side of the page.

You can also mail in checks to 190 Bedford Ave. #211 Brooklyn NY 11211.

Humbly in Grace,

Jay Bakker

Pastor, Revolution NYC


One Response to We need your help!

  1. Jani says:


    (I totally forgot Revolution NYC has wordpress blog too!)

    First, that PayPal link doesn’t seem to work and we foreigners can’t use that credit card system you are using. Luckily PayPal did work when clicked from left side margins PayPal box in http://www.revolutionnyc.com.

    I already wrote about this in Twitter, but here is my suggestion to help you out from this financial turmoil with a bit more detail:
    When praying for Revolutions financial situation, I remembered how we raised money for “demoparty” last winter. Festival was about to be canceled because large sponsor dropped out, but individual donators made it happen. Organizers prioritized what was needed and listed things and amount of money needed. In your case that list may look something like this:

    1 Salaries $xxxx
    2 Internet servers $xxxx
    3 Insurance $xxxx
    4 Expense accounts $xxxx
    5 …
    X total $xxxx

    Current donations $xxxx.
    Still needed $xxxx <– this is most important.

    When money runs in, info is updated. Some graphics (bars and stuff) would be great but few lines of text will do. In old website, there already was some listing of expenses. That was good. What is needed, is that we supporters know how much you actually need from us. When we actually see your need in plain dollars (or as graphics), we probably give more and more often. It makes keeping Revolution functioning a joint effort and for some even hobby or competition. (In that demoparty case, donator names were published, but I am not sure if it's good idea for church.) We foreigners and probably other non-New Yorkers too, don't know any details about your situation so it's hard for us to know what is your need actually. Now we know that it is desperate, but not much more. 😦

    This definitely needs some work and more importantly transparency, and might be therefore too much for you right now. But even rough estimates like once per week (or month) are better nothing. It's few minutes work and updates can be made in Twitter or here in blog if website goes down or something. If it saves your butt, I think it's worth it. Well.. of course I can not guarantee, that such thing will actually work for you. But for many less important causes it has worked.

    Blessings and grace to you all!

    – Jani, Finland

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