Followers of Jesus.

March 12, 2009

A nice little write-up in Newsweek about different labels that people of the Christian faith like to slap on one another.  This has been a topic of some of Jay’s recent sermons, so it’s kinda fun to see some of these thoughts in print in this major news publication.  Link to the full article right here.


The Approval of Man

February 15, 2009

Sermon from February 15th, 2009.  By Pastor Jay Bakker of RevolutionNYC.  

Study Links:

Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli

John 12:40-44

Emergent Village

How (Not) To Speak of God by Peter Rollins

When Being Good Isn’t Good Enough by Stephen Brown

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Religion and New Media.

February 14, 2009

This is a good little discussion I just came across about the implications of new media and social networking on religion, something that RevolutionNYC is obviously heavily involved in. From NPR member station KNPR 88.9 in Las Vegas, NV.

Legalism- Gossip About God

February 9, 2009

Sermon from February 9th, 2009 by Pastor Jay Bakker of RevolutionNYC.

Study Resources:

Doubt” starring Philip Seymour Hoffman

Matthew 23:1-15, 23:23-27

We’re Post-Emergent… Take That!

January 26, 2009

Sermon from Sunday, January 25th, 2009.  By Pastor Jay Bakker.  

Links & Study Resources:

Luke 12:49

Luke 15:11

1 Corinthians 1:1-10

Galatians 5:14

Messy Spirituality

John 17:25