February 6, 2009



This Thursday, Feb. 12th, Revolution Church will begin it’s new Bible study called, The Green Bible. This study will use as it’s guide the newly published Green Bible. Taking it’s cue from the Red Letter Bibles, that have the words of Jesus highlighted in red, this Bible has words dealing with the environment highlighted in green.

We will spend time looking at what the Bible has to say about caring for the planet, as well as looking at the theologies and interpretations that have got us to the crisis we are in now. We will also look at practical ways we can apply what we learn to our ever day lives.

The study will be an open ended one, meeting the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month. If you would like to mark you calenders, the upcoming dates are as follows; Feb. 12th and 26th, March 12th and 26th, April 9th and 23rd. The study will start at 7 pm. Each study will be somewhat self-contained, so don’t feel like you need to make them all. 

We will be meeting at the home of Chris and Anne Ammons. They live right off the Hewes stop of the J train, on the corner of Broadway and Hooper in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For the exact address or any other questions please contact me at

In addition to the Green Bible we will also be using “Serve God Save the Planet”, by J. Matthew Sleeth. These publications are not required for participation, but might come in handy if you have some money laying around. You can get them here. The Green Bible  Serve God Save the Planet.

Hope you can join us as we look at this important issue, and how we as people of faith can respond to it. I promise, it won’t be all doom and gloom. Last Bible study, we looked at the Book of Ecclesiastes and still managed to have a pretty good time.